Alma 37:6-7

Alma 37:6-7
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Seeing Others Succeed

While sitting in Sacrament meeting this Sunday with none of our investigators there really stunk. We had a few who definitely were coming and for one reason or another none of them showed. Sacrament was quite, no babies were screaming and it was just me and my thoughts. I sat there and looked around the room and saw the sisters who are in our ward as well will some of there investigators at church and how happy they looked and seeing this it just brightened my day. As we walked into the chapel that morning I saw the other Elders in our zone with a smile on there face as they take one of their friends into church. I again began to smile. The day before, our zone had 2 baptisms and they were beautiful services. I interviewed one of the candidates and as we finished the interview he told me that in a year he will be a missionary too. It was such a sweet moment. He is from Romania and does not speak much English but has felt the spirit so strongly. All of these thoughts came flowing into my mind as sitting in the silence of Sacrament meeting.  I automatically then began to feel better. I was at peace knowing Elder Jensen and I did all that we could and we are able to see our zone flourish. After sacrament meeting we were going to gospel principles and to our surprise we find a new face inside of the class. A member brought her to church and asked us to teach her after church. We sit down after church and have a great lesson and she is now preparing to be baptised on the 18th of October.

This experience reminded me of the last time I was serving in Hyde Park when another missionary was telling me that they met someone so wonderful and I was truly excited for them. Not envious or wishing I could take the success they were experiencing. And an hour later that missionary comes back to tell Elder Adriano and I that they actually live in our ward boundary. it happened to be the day that we were fasting for people to teach. 

I truly believe that the Lord gives others success to test us on how we will react. I believe the Lord rewards those who are not envious of what others have. I know this to be a true principle. So whenever you see someone who you think is doing better than you, think positive because then the Lord will deliver the same unto you. 

So I found this really nice Cologne in the flat. It is dangerous how good it smells. So all the guys in the flat were so upset that I found it and were wishing it was theirs. So later that week we go in to a Boots. Which is kind of like a Wallgreens. And Elder Jensen see's my cologne in the shop and calls me over to come see. It is a polo cologne stored a pink bottle with a green horse on the outside. We then realize we are standing in the women's section...... They won't let me live it down. I continue to wear it. Smells too nice. Elder Jensen then was test driving some mens cologne and turned the nozzle the wrong way and accidentally sprayed it directly into my mouth. Cologne does not taste as good as it smells. 

On Saturday we received a referral from the Hawaii Visitors Centre and were on our way to contact this woman. We find our selves right next to Fulham Football (Soccer) Stadium while they are playing one of their matches. It was hectic. The English love their football. We knock on the door of the address that was given. As the door was opened the man standing inside looked excited to see us. He said, "You are the Mormons. My daughter is in Hawaii and told us that your friends there are so nice. Come on in. Can I make you some herbal tea?" I was shocked. I have never been let into a home before on my whole mission from knocking a door. This was the first. Not only a home but a really really nice home. This man excuses himself because he already has a guest but leaves us to talk with his wife. We sit down and are talking over a cup of elder flower and raspberry herbal tea while hearing the roar of the football stadium just minutes away. I felt quite English at this moment. We had a wonderful discussion and are meeting with them again this coming week! Good times. 

That is all folks. Have a great week and no more being envious! Who knows, maybe the person you are envying is wearing women's cologne. 
Elder Talan Haynes David
England London Mission
64-68 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road,
South Kensington
London, England SW7 2PA

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