Alma 37:6-7

Alma 37:6-7
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

We Are Famous!

Hello Family and Friends!
Last month during interviews, President and Sister Jordan took their
camera and recorded the song glorious from meet the Mormons and some
missionaries put it together to the music! This week we showed the
final project and then Sister Jordan posted it on facebook! Within a
week it has 50000 views and 1000 shares. It was on Deseret news as
well! If you want to view it then go to YouTube and search glorious by
England London mission!

Jeff is getting baptised! So you remember a few months ago I told that
a man sat next to me on s bus and then said,"I feel like I should to
talk to you." He didn't see my name tag or anything. President Jordan
interviewed him for baptism and he is good to go. He has asked me to
baptise him on my last Sunday in the field. He is from Lebanon.

I have so many videos I need to upload to the drive that I will try to do today.

Right now it is 7 in the morning and we are sitting outside of the
Apollo theatre for Wicked Tickets. President Jordan asked to go wait
in line for him today and then we decided we would also go see it. So
today for our Pday we will be seeing Wicked.

Everyone asks me how I feel about returning home and it is really
weird because it has not set in for me. I am numb to the idea. But if
I might say I am more nervous to return home then I was to come here.
I don't really understand why but that is how I feel at the moment.

Also this week I met a woman who had a garden party with the queen.
She was proper English. Posh as can be.

I love you all and hope you have a good week! See you soon!

1. On stage of wicked
2. Big Benjamin on the iPad
3. Waitin in line
4. Hindu temple in London


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zone Conference Week Accomplished

This whole week we went to Zone Conference! It was great being with all the missionaries and to have pizza four days in a row. Elder Nolan and I tried to be smart and do one day on and one day off pizza. It was a wise wise choice. We sang a few songs and I will put them up on the google drive account today so you may view them!

The conference theme was focussed on Teaching. Right now the England London Mission has more return missionaries teaching in the MTC than any other mission. Just last week a former Sister missionary messages president Jordan and said,"So what is up with the England London Mission? What is your secret?" 

In our mission we have something called "Mind the Gap" and no I am not talking about public transport. Everyday we do 4 two minute role plays. So we teach a principle of the gospel using a memorized scripture, inspired question, and testimony. We do four of these everyday. Practice, practice, practice. It is amazing how when "Minding the Gap" inspiration comes and allows us to teach in a new and simpler way. Then we are able to use that in our lessons. The spirit then has an arsenal of choices to pick from in our own memory bank.

This week we again have meetings. Not as long as last week but still a few to attend. Today Elder Nolan and I will go to St. Pauls if the weather clears up. It has a beautiful view! I will send pictures of what we did last week so you may see them all! 

Love you and talk to you soon! 

Elder David

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Love Me Some Roast Dinner

Last Monday Sister Jordan invited Elder Nolan and I over for her first ever roast dinner. A roast dinner is equivalent to what we usually have for thanksgiving but with a few differences. It is soooo good. She got a ten out of ten. I will send a photo of it. I think it is partially because my companion is English.
On Tuesday we had a mission leadership conference. Every District Leader, Zone Leader and Sister Training Leader came in and we were able to train them on things that can help them lead more like the saviour. The purpose of leadership is not to attract more followers but to create more leaders. That is what the saviour did. He tutored
the young and immature Peter to the Peter that led the church after Christ ascended to heaven.
On Wednesday I went back up to Norwich in an exchange with the ZL there and we taught the most amazing family. In my life I have had little moments that have strengthened my testimony in The Book of Mormon. But in that lesson while explaining the Book of Mormon and bearing testimony of it, I had a very clear and powerful testimony of its truthfulness.  I know that book is from God. The family we taught is now preparing to be baptised next month.
The next day I went to London North on another exchange. This time I was with Elder Darrington and Elder Mortensen in a trio. These two fellows are my flat mates when I go to USU. They are great and we spent the whole day in the rain talking to people. It was awesome.
London rain does not mess around. It pours.
Friday I was finally back in the area and we spent the majority of the day preparing for Zone Conference next week. This is where things are getting crazy!

I have a few photos to send so I will send those through.
Have a great week and talk to you in a week!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 Weeks! HERE WE GO!

I will be staying with President Jordan for my last transfer but my new/kinda new companion is....ELDER NOLAN! Again! Haha how funny is that. We are going to have so much fun and work our tails off this transfer.
Usually we have six week transfers but this one is an awkward 5 week transfer. That means we have to squeeze in the same amount of exchanges, meeting, and work with one less week while making sure Elder Nolan knows what is going on before I leave. Elder Nolan will be the transition assistant for the new mission president and so he has
to know it all.

Elder Anderson will be training a new missionary for his last
transfer. He was so excited because he had never trained before hand.
Last Sunday night was both our best day on the mission ever. So you all have heard of Luc. He is great and we are teaching him. A few weeks ago his mum went to watch general conference near her home at the church to see what the church was about. Then he invited her to
stake conference two weeks ago. She loved it and took notes the whole time. Then after she invited us to come and have dinner with the family again to teach them more about the church. So we go over and teach this family. After we had dinner and continued on with a great
night. The two days later we receive this text from Luc's mum, "Hello Elder Anderson, thank you the lesson on Sunday. The way you and Elder David talked was quite impressive. It touched us and the spirit of the lesson was with us for the rest of the long weekend! You are always
welcome in our house." How awesome is that? Now one of her 4 kids came into the church doing there lunch break to have tour. And tomorrow they will be coming to church with us. The. After we will go have another lesson and dinner. It is a fairy tale missionary story. I will send s picture of us with the family.

I love you all and hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow.
I am excited to Skype the family and tell my angel mother that I love her.
Happy mothers day to all you reading this! Except the men. Not happy Mother's Day to the men.
The photos we took today.



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Got My IPad

The England London Mission is now an iPad mission and it is so weird!
I love it though and am using now to email you. It is great to use to
teach. Using videos and scriptures and the gospel art book. The
Chinese love it because we can translate hard works from English to
Chinese in an instant.

Elder Kearon and Elder Nielson came to the mission on Tuesday and gave
some really powerful talks. The first thing they said when they period
before us is this; "We are sent here on direct assignment from the
first presidency and they was us to tell you that they trust you."

They both spoke with such understanding. They knew that problems that
the world is facing. They spoke by the power of the Holy Ghost and we
all felt it in that room.

I thought they would come to speak about the technical sides of how to
use an iPad in the worm but boy was I wrong. They title then
conference "Disciples in the digital age." They focused on the
principles of Agency, faith, and repentance. I loved the whole thing.

Elder Kearon was actually a convert to the church and was found by
sister missionaries right out front of the Hyde Park chapel. He is now
the Area President of the church here in Europe. He met his wife here
in this chapel. She was on a BYU study abroad program and she shared
how this chapel is sacred ground for their family. It was touching to
hear them tell us the entire story.

He said something that stood out to me. It was pertaining to the
Sister missionary who had stopped him.  He said that, "To this day I
have no idea what she said to get me to stop. It didn't matter what
she said. She had become the message." I thought that was powerful.
Sometimes we all worry too much about saying the right things.  Rather
it is more important that the radiance which illuminates around us is
always brighter than our words. "She could have said anything. I knew
that she had something that I didn't have, and I wanted it."

I have felt this last week a power and confidence which comes from
living the gospel fully. I feel it in my day. I feel it right when I
get off my knees from my morning prayer. I feel it In my teaching. And
I know that all of you can feel it if you work on increasing your
glow. This requires faith in Christ and repentance. Make positive
changes. Say your morning and evening prayers. Keep the commandment,
go to church, and read your scriptures. If these things are not
happening in your life and you make the changes to do them, I promise
that the people you interact with, will notice.

Things are going great here. Today we will be working with president
on the transfer which is next week. Any guesses for me? Am I staying
for my last transfer? Is my companion staying for his last transfer?
The world will never know until next Saturday! I love you and have a
great week!
Enjoy a nice selfie with the moves board.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apple Has Arrived

So this Tuesday Elder Nielson and Elder Kearon will be visiting the mission and introducing Ipads to us! I am pretty excited about it and think it will really help the work. We have known this was happening for about two months but President announced it to the mission just last week. So this is the last email sent from the computer. Next one will be from my Ipad. I don't have too much detail on it but they will train us on how to use it effectively on Tuesday!

This week I met a girl from Thailand. As we began to talk to her we asked her if she knew about Jesus Christ? She said,"Who?" It was the first time in her entire life hearing about Jesus Christ. Even the name. She is now preparing to be baptised. We have to teach really simply because it is all new for her. That was a first for my mission. 

President Jordan went to Germany this week for the mission president's seminar with Elder Bednar. President and Sister Jordan told us that after everyone left they began to eat dinner and guess who joined them for the evening. Elder Bednar. They said it was great and he was a great man. 

Tomorrow is Stake Conference and also the London Marathon. Half of London (east and south) will get shut down for it. So actually we just finished stake conference and it was beautiful. Great talks were given. I sang in the choir. Yeah I am a choir boy. 

Before stake conference started there was a new members meeting which was the best. I got to see all of my Recent Converts in the past year. Margaret, Antonia, Raymond, Malou, Jing and Arjay all were able attend a bare testimony of our Saviour in his restored church. It was such a sweet experience. 

The pictures are from Cambridge! Enjoy! 

Elder David


Saturday, April 18, 2015


So this week I met the Queen! Okay, I didn't in person but I had a dream that somehow my companion and I got into Buckingham Palace and then the Queen was right there and I asked one of the guards can I take a picture with her and he said it was okay. Then the Queen and I became best friends and she took us on a personal tour! It was epic! I woke up and was really disappointed that it was all fake because it was one of those dreams when it feels like reality. You know you have been serving in London for 2 years when you start to have dreams about the Queen. Newt week I will be having Tea with Will and Kate.

Actually this week we were pretty close to the Royal family. President called us in the Morning to go to the hospital to give a man a blessing. As we drove and got nearer to the hospital the more roads were closed and the more journalists we saw. We didn't know what was happening. So we had to park a like a mile away and walk to the entrance of the Hospital. We ask one of the reporters what is happening and they said that the Royal Family is about to have a baby. Something like that. But everyone was so excited. They were at the same hospital as us! We went to give this blessing and then left. 

Today Raymond got Baptised!!! WOO HOO! It was so great and he bore a really great Testimony and brought many of his friends to see. I will send you his pictures with this email! That is about for today! 

I love you all and have a great week! 

Elder David


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Turn Around!

Yesterday we spent our P-Day in Cambridge. We had an excahnge the day before with the Zone Leaders there and so when we dropped them back off we stayed the day up there! I LOVE IT! When we come back to England we are going to visit there for a day. We can go Punting. It is like a Gondola ride in Venice but around Cambridge. Just beautiful! I have pictures that will be sent to me soon so when I get them I will send them off to you!

We are teaching a Chinese Student named Raymond. He is getting baptised this coming Saturday and went to go buy a suit yesterday for church. He is really great! He is the one that prayed for me to get a girl friend at the end of the lesson. What a guy.

While walking to the chapel we were stopping people by the way and I walked past this Chinese girl and then I felt the biggest prompting to go run after her and talk to her her. Literally a voice say, "Turn around." So I did and we had a great conversation. She came into the church right then and we had a lesson. She told us that she had been thinking about learning more about God but didn't know where to go. Answer to prayers!!

On Tuesday I was back in Norwich! I love that place! Mostly for the people. We had dinner at the Wilkins home and it just brought back to good times. 

This letter is short but I will send the pictures next week because I know that is your favorite part of my emails!! Have a great week! 

Elder Talan Haynes David
England London Mission
64-68 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road,
South Kensington
London, England SW7 2PA

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

So I emailed on Tuesday so not too much has happened in the last few days that is too drastic! Elder Anderson was gone the whole week in different places and I was left in the area with other missionaries.

I am really excited for General Conference tonight! The whole week we have been inviting everyone. Since we are in Central London and the church is in a prime location we will hopefully have many people come this weekend to listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles. I hope you all have questions prepared to ask in your heart. I am finalizing mine today. 

I taught in China this week! We have an investigator who is in China and we Skype taught him. Good stuff. 

We have a really diverse group of people that we are teaching. Italy, England, Finland, Sweden, China, Romania, Spain, France, Peru, Malaysia, and Israel are all the countries of people that we teach. I love it! 

Today a member is taking us through the Free Mason Temple then to Five Guys after! It will be great! That is about it for this week. 

I am thankful for this Easter Season. I was thinking last night and wished that Easter was a bigger Holiday. Christmas is blown up and huge but Easter is quiet and not too many people have traditions that remind them of what Easter means. I would like to change that in my life. The only reason we even celebrate Christmas is because of Easter. It was because of what Christ suffered in Gethsemane and on Golgotha that he became our Saviour. It was also because of his glorious Resurrection in the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea that he became our Redeemer. Easter would not be Easter if Christ never did what He said He would do. I am extremely grateful Christ performed the Atonement for me and you. 

It is interesting that when Christ appeared to Mary Magdalene on the morning of His Resurrection, the first thing He commanded her to do is to, "... go to my brethren and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father, and to my God, and your God." (John 20:17).  
It is our sacred responsibility to do as Mary did. That is, to declare that He Lives,for "He is not here but is Risen." What a special time to be a missionary. I now leave with you a challenge. As you wake up tomorrow, I would ask that you put yourself in the shoes of Mary Magdalene. Standing face to face with Christ in the tomb. Ponder on who He would like you to tell that He is Risen. 

Have a great Easter!

Elder David

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Brain is Mush

I am having a really hard time thinking of what happened last week. A lot happened last week but I can't think of it!

So on Tuesday we had the departing dinner. This is a dinner for all the missionaries who are going home. They have a dinner with President and Sister Jordan at the flat. It was really cool being able to be there. My Trainer, Elder Hutchins, was there and is now home. Elder Jensen who I served with in Hyde Park was there, and so was Elder Torres who is now home in Brazil! It was really sweet. Everyone bore their testimonies and talked about their missions. Elder Torres' parents and grandparents came to pick him up and so that was really cool to see. He was a great missionary and already has a calling to be the stake young mens president back in Brazil. He is great and I hope to be able to go to Rio in 2016 for the Olympics. President is going, Elder Anderson is going and they will have us over to stay at their flat! It would be an awesome reunion. 

On Tuesday Morning we taught Jaqueline who is from Sweden. Elder Anderson talked to her about a month ago and asked her to visit the church with us. She agreed and we have been teaching her since. She was scheduled to be baptised this last Saturday but the last two weeks she wasn't too sure if she knew it all was true. Then we come to the lesson on Tuesday morning. We open with a prayer and then she blurts out,"I prayed and asked God if this was the true church. I got my answer and I want to be baptised on Saturday." Elder Anderson and I were so excited for her and couldn't contain our smiles. We smiled through the whole 45 minute lesson. Haha it probably looked really funny but we couldn't control it. She got baptised on Saturday and I will send photos! 

On Wednesday we had the new missionary meeting and got to meet the new missionaries and introduce them to their trainers. That lasted til about 5 then we had a 10 minute dinner and had to go meet with President to prepare the meeting for the next day. We gave a training on Setting Sticky Appointments and we made Setting Sticky Appoinment Stickers to go with it. Clever eh? Not my idea. However we showed a clip from Dumb and Dumber in our training and that was my idea haha. The scene was were Lloyd walks out of 7/11 and says,"Big Gulps huh?....... Whelp, see ya later!" We used this to explain our point. The first missionary training in the world to use a clip from Dumb and Dumber. Priceless. 

Thursday we had Mission Leadership Council the whole day. 

Two weeks ago Elder Anderson either lost his wallet on the tube or someone pick pocketed him. So he lost a lot of money.  140 pounds in cash, both of his English and American licenses, and other precious things that he wouldn't able to get back. We have been praying really hard that someone would turn it in and guess what! Someone did!!! We got a letter from the lost property office in Baker Street saying they have a wallet for Austin Anderson. So we go to pick it up on Friday and all the money was still in it. MIRACLE!!! He was so relieved and it was an answer to prayers. 

Saturday we had another meeting. Then after we had Jaquelines Baptism!! Then after that a Stake Easter Fireside! I was asked to sing, "Face to Face." It was a good good day! 

Sunday Elder Torres confirmed Jaqueline. The last thing he did in London was confirm her. How cool!
Miracles all over this last week. 

Monday we had to wake up at 4 to take a missionary to airport because he was finishing his mission. He would have gone home with everyone else but his parents were at scout camp so he waited a few more day here until travelling back home. I am falling asleep as we type this. Sleep deprivation is real and it feels like my eyes are bench pressing my eye lids. It is a constant battle. If I sit down for a minute I am out. I am loving the feeling! Makes you feel like you are working hard! 

Well I hope you have a good week and talk to you all Saturday! 

Oh last thing. Our Zone won a competition in the mission so we got to have a BBQ on the roof of the Hyde Park Chapel. We had a view of Harrads, Houses of Parliment, Big Ben, and the London eye while feasting on a nice cheeseburger. AWESOME!

I will put more photos on the drive because this emailing thing wont let me send a lot of photos!! 

1.Grilling Burgers on Exhibition Road with President
2. Team Jerseys GO ENGLAND!!




Pics Jaqueline Baptism

1. Lost Property
2. Chipotle in London!!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Transfers is Really Different Now

This is the last week of the transfers and so next week the missionaries get the call on where they will be serving and who they will be serving with. Transfers is different as an AP. We spent a lot of this time this week with President looking at  "The Board" with all the missionaries pictures and where they are and who they are with. We start with a prayer and start making changes. It is really amazing how revelation works. The Lord knows what he wants 2-3 transfers prior. It is so amazing how it all works together. Tonight and tomorrow we will finish the final touches and then on Monday we will start making all the calls. Then on Tuesday we arrange all the transportation for how missionaries will get from point A to point B. It is really fun.

On Tuesday we had another exchange and I staying in the area. After exchanging companions for the day we took the tube back to South Kensington and while traveling I struck up a conversation with a Video Production Major who was going to be outside of the chapel filming a movie for her school project. I invited her to come with me and have a tour of the church. She agreed and we watched last years Easter video "Because of Him." She was extremely touched and showed a lot of interest. She was unfortunately now running late for her project. Before her leaving the chapel I gave her my number and invited her back for church on Sunday. As the week went on I forgot about this lady. Then yesterday I recieved a text from a number I did not reckognize. It was her. She now is our new investigator who wants to strengthen her faith in Christ. You never know who is around you that is begging for the gospel. They just "know not where to find it." 

On Thursday I had another exchange and went to a place called Grays. It is the most Po Dunk town I have seen in England. It was a different experience then London that is for sure. I loved the people I met there. ALL ENGLISH! Also really rare for me. That night we went to play football (soccer) at a members home who is a Seventy. Elder Herbertson is his name. He has an R8 and the most gigantic house ever. With a football pitch and stadium lights. I loved it and really the sport has grown on me so much since being here. We are all playing when I get back! 

That is my week! I have a few pictures I am waiting to be sent to me but I will try to get them to you as soon as I can! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

From Canterbury to Cambridge

On Tuesday I went to Ashford which is in Canterbury. Canterbury is the southern most part of the mission and it is so beautiful there. It is about an hour and a half train ride and the whole time I was gazing at the rolling green hills that back up to the ocean. On a clear day you are able to see France from that train ride! It wasn't clear so I wasn't able to see it. While on the train we started talking to this woman and we were so focused on the conversation that we both left our bags on the train!! We just started laughing because we didn't know how else to act. We went and talked to the manager off the station and they sent the bags on the next train back to where we were. A little scare to start off our day. 

From the Station we went drove to a place called Deal. It is where the white cliffs of Dover are!!! If you have not heard or seen them you better Google search it! I have a photo of it but it is not that great because I took it driving. I spent the remainder of the day with Elder Wright. Really cool guy. 

The next day we took the train back into London for the 5 week new missionary meeting. This is where all the new missionaries and their trainers come back into London for the day and we talk about their experience so far as a missionary. It was so amazing to see how much these young missionaries have grown in just a few weeks. They all walked in a bit more confident then before and it was really great to see. Elder Jensen was there because he is training a missionary from Brazil. 

Later on in the day we taught a Chinese Student named Raymond. He is so funny!! We were teaching him about the restoration and while we are talking about families he blurted out,"What about the disasters?" We were really confused but then he started impersonating the movement a T-Rex would make and then we understood he meant to say dinosaurs! It was hilarious! But the best part was when he said the closing prayer. He began to pray and it was such a sincere prayer then he said this,"I pray Father that you will bless Elder David and Elder Anderson with Girlfriends. They are really nice guys and deserve very beautiful girls. Bless them. Amen" He looked up with a big smile and said,"your welcome." haha it was the best prayer offered on my mission. We then asked, "Why didn't you pray for Elder Torres to have a girlfriend?" He then replied," I saw the ring on his finger so i knew he already had a girlfriend." Which is true. What an observant little fella. 

On Thursday I went back to London North on an exchange with Elder Mortensen who will be my flatmate up at Utah State! It was such a fun day and I got to teach Juan Pablo again. He is preparing for baptism in two weeks. If you don't remember him, he is the kid come Columbia.
That evening Elder Mortensen and I went out to eat at a place called Voodoo Rays Pizza! It is supposed to be one of the best pizza places in London. After last week you would have thought I would never eat pizza again. I was wrong. It was good pizza. The next morning for exercise we went to play some baseball in the park! It was a glorious day! 

Right after that exchange, on Friday morning, we met at Kings Cross Station because I was traveling to Cambridge for another exchange. While at kings cross we took pictures at platform 9 3/4. I will attach photos! I LOVE CAMBRIDGE!! It is the most beautiful part of England I have seen yet. The town is ancient! Everything is so old and the University has been around since 1209. I would love to study at Cambridge after being there. While there we went past the park where the modern rules for Football (soccer) was invented. We went by the tree where the apple fell and hit Isaac Newton on the head! So much history. I also met someone who was wearing a Denver Nuggets shirt. He was really cool and should be going to church there in Cambridge today. I took many pictures but on a different camera so I will get those before next week and send you all of them. Next Transfer Elder Anderson and I are going to take a P-Day up there and explore a bit more. There is a lot to see. 

That was the week we had and was it crazy or what. I was gone the whole week just running up and down the country but  I loved it! 

Have a great week! 

Elder David

Elder Talan Haynes David
England London Mission
64-68 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road,
South Kensington
London, England SW7 2PA

1.Our Brazilian friend cooked a Brazilian feast for us! 
2. White Cliffs of Dover

Chelsea Football Stadium

Saturday, March 7, 2015

On the Road for Zone Conference (Rice and Beans)

Every Monday night we have a meeting with President Jordan to talk about the mission and how the previous week went. We also prepare for upcoming meetings and discuss the trainings that will be given. Before all of this we have the same meal. Every week. RICE AND BEANS. President Jordan served his mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and he learned how to cook his rice and beans from there. It is a great tradition. We look forward to it every week. I somewhat feel for Dalton now as he has it everyday.

This week was Zone Conference week and we had a great time. We started the week here in Hyde Park and met with a few zones. The focus was on Finding People to Teach. It was really inspiring. We were asked to train on finding through family history. Which I am now addicted to. I looked on Family search and found that I have a lot of work to do when I am home. Especially for my Dads side. I am really excited for it! 

On Thursday we woke up early in the morning to start travelling in the Van. In the van we had President Jordan, Sister Jordan, Elder Anderson, Elder Torres, and I. We had a good two hours to ask President what ever we wanted. President was the head attorney for the church and he told us all his experiences while meeting with President Faust, Hinckley, and Monson. It was so amazing to hear. 

Another tradition is to go to the Carvery after the Norwich, Cambridge, and Colchester Zone Conference. I don't know if we have Carvery's in America but it where you go and get a roast dinner and buffet style. So all the pork, beef, and turkey you want with potatoes and vegetables. YUM! I will send some photos of the week! 

I am just happy we made through alive. I am quite tired of pizza. Everyday for lunch we order pizza for the missionaries. I don't want any more pizza for a long time. 

That is my week and now we will have a nice day in London! 

I love Mews. (little alleyways of cobble stone)

Okay so my pictures are too big for email so I will just post them on the drive. I hope you can see them!

 Antonia got baptised!

My new car.