Alma 37:6-7

Alma 37:6-7
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Fate!

So the news is that I will be.........................STAYING. I will stay here in Norwich and my companion is leaving to Hyde Park to be the Zone Leader there. My new companion is Elder Nolan!!! You all know him if you read my letters each week. He was in the Flat in London North with me during Christmas time! He is the one in the picture by SoHo Square where we are all leaning on the Telephone Booth! I am so excited and it will be a great 6 weeks. He plays the Guitar so we will definitely be doing some music performing in the Town to find some people to teach!

So we had a good week! Cecilia brought to of her friends to church and they loved it. One was from Angola and the other is from China. Last Thursday we drove down to London for a mission leadership counsel. Let me just say. I hate driving in London. It is the bane of my existence. We sat still for a whole hour and did not move. And people are not nice drivers. Bus drivers drive these massive double Decker buses and the taxi driving zoom in and out of traffic with  no care on who the may hit. Oh and lets not forget the pedestrians who just walk in the road and through traffic. Also the cyclists go so fast in between the cars! I hope you can get the picture. I unfortunately have to go down again tomorrow morning. yay.  

On Sunday we went to a really small village. Like when we went there I felt like back in the early days of the church where they would say,"I walked 17 miles to get here. I see the first door in days and feel prompted to knock on it." But you must say it in a really cheesy scratchy mans voice to make it sound nice. So we were tracting around the area and we knock on the door and out comes an elderly lady from her back garden. "Oh Mormons. I haven't seen you fellas in a long time." She begins her life story on how she used to attend the Mormon church down in Essex 60 years ago. "I loved that church. The friendliest people were always there." I ask, "Are you a member of the Church?" She replies, "No no. I just really enjoyed being there in my youth." We had a lovely conversation and we left her our phone number and a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon. She said she was not interested in coming back but she was glad to meet us. That night we receive a text from an unknown number. It was from the woman. She said, "Thank you for knocking on my door today. I needed that reminder and I will be reading that chapter you gave me. Talk to you soon."  We were literally in the middle of no where and we were definitely there for a purpose. 

Have a great week my friends and family!

Elder David

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